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NASsNetgearReadyNAS 31422.00 w2017-04-22
MonitorsDellUltraSharp 2408WFP74.00 w2017-04-22
OtherXiaomiMi Air Purifier1.50 wmi.com2017-04-01
Game ConsolesNintendoSwitch7.50 weurogamer.net2017-03-19
WIFI RoutersASUSRT-AC1200G+7.70 w6.50 w2017-02-25
ComputersHPDx240055.00 w1.70 w2017-02-24
HarddiskHGSTUltrastar Ha10 SATA5.20 w3.20 whgst.com2017-02-08
Adapter/ChargerBaBylissSSF-62-05 EU 0301000.13 w0.13 w2017-02-08
Adapter/ChargerSonimDSA-3RNA-05 FEU0.26 w0.26 w2017-02-08
NASsQNAPTS-131P13.00 w0.42 w2017-02-01
Adapter/ChargerFSP group inc.FSP036-RBBN20.12 w0.12 w2017-02-01
ADSL ModemsDraytekVigor2760n7.06 w7.05 w2017-01-27
Adapter/ChargerCWT Channel Well TechnologiesCAP0181210.27 w0.27 w2017-01-27
UnknownABB Sace Italy1SDA059597R11.58 w1.58 w2017-01-17
Adapter/ChargerMean WellGST60A12-P1J0.05 w0.05 wtweakers.net2016-12-23
WIFI RoutersLinksysWRT3200ACM11.00 w2016-12-21
UnknownBosch0 275 007 9050.49 w0.49 w2016-12-18
UnknownBraun37091.21 w1.21 w2016-12-18
Adapter/ChargerAsian Power DevicesWA-36A12R0.06 w2016-12-18
Adapter/ChargerKtecKSAS0241200200HE0.16 w2016-12-18
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