The Power Consumption Database

... user maintained electricity usage data
Wireless plugNEO CoolcamNAS-WR01B0.18 w0.45 wzigbee.blakadder.com2022-09-27
Wireless plugIKEATRÅDFRI Wireless control outlet0.20 w0.95 wikea.com2022-09-27
Wireless plugLedvanceSmart+ Power Monitoring Plug
 (Tasmota)0.40 w1.00 w2022-09-27
Wireless plugNEO CoolcamNAS-WR01W 
(Tasmota)0.30 w0.65 w2022-09-27
Wireless plugEdimaxSP-2101W1.00 w2019-04-19
Wireless plugTP-linkHS1101.00 w2019-04-19
Wireless plugTP-linkHS1104.30 wtp-link.com2018-11-25
Wireless plugOsramSmart+ Plug ZigBee0.40 wamazon.de2018-11-25
Wireless plugANKUOOSW61011.40 w2.00 w2014-07-06
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