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ComputersAppleMac Mini (M2)4.20 w0.20 w44.00 wtweakers.net2024-06-28
ComputersIntelNUC 13 Pro, Ci7-1360P14.80 w0.10 w115.00 wtweakers.net2024-06-28
ComputersAcerNUC 14 Pro, CU7 165U5.90 w0.60 w93.00 wtweakers.net2024-06-28
ComputersDellWyse 30401.37 w0.16 w4.90 w2024-01-31
ComputersDellWyse 30301.73 w0.14 w4.51 w2024-01-31
ComputersHPT520 thin client5.90 w0.60 w9.20 w2024-01-06
ComputersIntelD54250WYKH3.37 w0.57 w2023-12-22
ComputersIntelD54250WYKH3.40 w0.58 w2023-12-22
ComputersIntelD54250WYKH3.22 w0.55 w2023-12-22
ComputersDell0NV0M7, Optiplex 3060 micro, D10U4.68 w0.26 w2023-12-20
ComputersDell0NV0M7, Optiplex 3060 micro, D10U5.47 w0.27 w25.00 w2023-12-20
ComputersIntelD54250WYKH3.34 w0.54 w2023-12-20
ComputersIntelD54250WYKH3.95 w1.02 w2023-12-20
ComputersIntelD54250WYKH3.62 w0.64 w2023-12-19
ComputersIntelD54250WYKH4.84 w2023-12-19
ComputersIntelD54250WYKH5.59 w2023-12-19
ComputersIntelD54250WYKH6.25 w0.59 w26.50 w2023-12-19
ComputersIntelD54250WYKH6.57 w0.59 w2023-12-19
ComputersIntelD54250WYKH5.97 w27.48 wanandtech.com2023-12-19
ComputersDell0NV0M7, Optiplex 3060 micro2.60 w1.30 w61.00 whardwareluxx.de2023-12-17
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