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OtherDrayTekVigor2135FVac6.15 w19.00 w2022-01-20
Adapter/ChargerCWT Channel Well Technology2ABL024F EU0.11 w24.00 w2022-01-20
OtherGoogleHome4.00 w11.00 w2022-01-14
OtherGoogleNest Mini3.00 w5.00 w2022-01-14
OtherGoogleHome Mini 1st Generation3.00 w4.00 w2022-01-14
OtherAmazonEcho 2nd Generation4.00 w7.00 w2022-01-14
UPSCyberPowerPR1000ERT2U7.00 wcyberpower.com2022-01-12
UPSRielloSDH 1000 A322.50 wriello-ups.com2022-01-11
UPSCyberPowerOR1000ERM1U5.00 w2022-01-11
WIFI RoutersFritzFRITZ!Box 75304.20 w2022-01-05
WIFI RoutersTP-LinkArcher C7 v14.30 w2022-01-05
WIFI RoutersNetgearEX6150 v23.60 w2022-01-05
ComputersFujitsuD3417-B114.00 w87.00 whardwareluxx.de2021-12-22
ComputersHPProDesk 400 G5 Desktop Mini1.50 w0.85 w64.00 whardwareluxx.de2021-12-22
ComputersDellInspiron 75016.30 w1.60 w79.10 whardwareluxx.de2021-12-22
ComputersFujitsuD3674-B + i3-81003.90 w2.90 w44.70 whardwareluxx.de2021-12-22
ComputersFujitsuD3643-H12 i5-9600K5.00 w133.80 whardwareluxx.de2021-12-22
ComputersFujitsuD3643-H3.70 warstechnica.com2021-12-21
ComputersFujitsuD3674-B4.20 w44.70 whardwareluxx.de2021-12-21
WIFI RoutersSagemcomFunbox38.80 w9.30 w2021-12-15
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