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... user maintained electricity usage data
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ComputersHP648255-42141.00 w10.50 w2013-11-07
ComputersHPDL380 G6 L5520 4GB 460W68.70
ComputersFoxconnR10-D232.00 wspielerwitwen.de2013-08-23
ComputersIntelDC3217IYE13.95 w2.05 w2013-07-06
ComputersFoxconnNettop nT-A350024.00 w2013-07-05
ComputersSuperMicroX8SI6-F + L340646.00 w2013-07-05
ComputersCompaqProliant DL360 G191.00 w21.50 w2013-07-05
ComputersIntelDC3217IYE11.40 w1.95
ComputersIntelNUC DC3217IYE9.80 wcomon.dk2013-04-11
ComputersCompuLabfit-PC26.00 w0.50 wtinygreenpc.com2012-08-28
ComputersCompulabIntense PC10.00 wtinygreenpc.com2012-08-28
ComputersAppleiMac 24" 2.8GHz Core2 Duo134.00 w0.50 w2012-03-18
ComputersAsus1201PN EEE PC17.00 w0.50 w2011-09-06
ComputersSapphireEdge-HD21.00 wkitguru.net2011-07-14
ComputersSapphireEdge-HD21.00 w1.50 wtechpowerup.com2011-07-14
ComputersVIAARTiGO A110012.84
ComputersAppleMac Mini 2.4GHz MC270*/A MC438*/A10.00
ComputersAppleMac Mini 1.83 GHz (MB138*/A)23.00
ComputersAppleMac Mini 1.83 GHz Core Duo (MA608*/A)23.00
ComputersAppleMac Mini 1.5 GHz Core Solo (MA205*/A)23.00
227 rows

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