The Power Consumption Database

... user maintained electricity usage data
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ComputersAdventAdvent Eco PC24.00
ComputersVeryPCGreenMedia FW2217.63 w2010-03-07
ComputersVeryPCBroadLeaf BL32-H-E5328.72 w2010-03-07
ComputersVeryPCGreenPC BE2338.49 w2010-03-07
ComputersVeryPCGreenPC BE2034.57
ComputersAleutiaP1 Marine PC26.00 waleutia.com2010-03-06
ComputersAleutiaT1 Fanless PC10.00
ComputersAppleMacintosh SE44.00 w2010-02-23
ComputersAcerAspire X1700-U3700A70.90 wreviews.cnet.com2010-02-14
ComputersApple120 GB Mac mini (MB463*/A)15.40 wreviews.cnet.com2010-02-14
ComputersAppleMac Mini MA206LL/A20.00 w0.10 w123macmini.com2010-02-14
ComputersAppleMac Mini MA206LL/A19.00 w1.20 w2010-02-14
232 rows

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