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Light bulbsHoftronic5428890199.40 w2022-11-26
Light bulbsRICH POWERE27-6500K-4P-0112.00 w12.00 w100W Equivalent Light Bulb, Hanbaak 12W E26 E27 LED Bulbs Medium Screw Base, Non-Dimmable, Daylight White 6500K 4-Pack a.co2022-11-05
Light bulbsNorthpointNP-SCT-3-N7.70 w12.00 w2022-06-18
Light bulbsNorthpointNP-SCT-3-N8.11 w0.23 w2022-06-18
Light bulbsPhilipsWT060C LED56S/840 PSU L150044.43 w2022-03-05
Light bulbsPhilipsWT060C LED56S/840 PSU L150046.00
Light bulbsOptonica59300.23 w10.21 w2020-11-27
Light bulbsGELED6DA19/8276.32 w3.68 w2019-04-19
Light bulbsSupernovaM99 mini PURE-25 @5V10.00 wsupernova-lights.com2018-03-11
Light bulbsSupernovaM99 mini PURE-457.20 wsupernova-lights.com2018-03-11
Light bulbsSupernovaM99 mini PURE-457.20 w7.45 w2018-03-11
Light bulbsSupernovaM99 mini PURE-457.20 w7.45 w2018-03-11
Light bulbsIkeaLedberg 403.596.957.81 w0.08 w2017-10-15
Light bulbsIkeaStriberg 102.771.25, L13236.32 w0.43 w2017-08-10
Light bulbsIkeaLedare LED 1800 lm 703.059.7922.87 w47.89 w2017-07-30
Light bulbsIkeaVäxer 703.231.1016.07 w0.24 w32.80 w2017-07-30
Light bulbsIkeaOmlopp L1514 302.452.236.43 w6.48 w2017-07-30
Light bulbsHomelightsGlobo'125 E27 3000K 11 watt10.63 w11.09 w2017-07-29
Light bulbsIkeaRyet LED 1000 lm 603.341.7110.29 w11.71 w2017-07-29
Light bulbsIkeaVäxer LED E27 603.174.8310.49 w20.77 w2017-07-29
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