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ZTE MC889 5G Outdoor CPE

Average usage is 2.4 watts

Normal/Idle2.40 watts
Max5.20 watts
DescriptionMeasurements taken with Brennenstuhl PM 231 E at the included PoE injector and through the included 10m Ethernet cable. Running stock firmware and configured in bridge mode.

- PoE injector with no cables connected: 0.5W
- No SIM, no LAN: 2.1-2.4W
- No SIM, LAN: 2.4-2.5W
- SIM, no LAN: 2.5-2.6W
- SIM, LAN, no traffic: initially 3.0-3.1W, later settled on 2.4-2.5W
- 5G Network speed test at 150MBps down, 20Mbps up: approx. 3.5-4.5W, max. 5.2W
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