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Novus J-102

Average usage is 0.67 watts

Normal/Idle0.67 watts
DescriptionLMG95; Itrms=5.683 mA, Utrms=223.156 V, P=0.6686 W, S=1.2681 VA,Q=1.0776 var, PF=0.52723 c, Z=39.2688 kOhm

Inrush current (range: 240A, 120A, 20A): 22.80A, 22.72A, 22.96A

Energy consumption for 4 pcs 14 mm type A staples in soft wood during 27.0s: EP=6.6155 mWh, Pm=882.263 mW, ES=348.66 mVAh, Sm=46.4983 VA.
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