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Atop SE5001

Average usage is 2.62 watts

Normal/Idle1.99 watts
Max2.42 watts
DescriptionLMG95 100kHz, filter=none, cycle=1s, avg=1 cycle, DC measurement @12.3V, Itrms=163-166mA, Iac=24-25mA, Idc=160-162mA, Ipp=171-182mA, 100mbps
Submit info2017-09-04 00:24:59

Normal/Idle3.25 watts
DescriptionLMG95+SH020, PF=0.51, Utrms=230V, avg=23 cycles, Kernel Version V2.70, AP Version TerminalSrv v3.604MU, 100 mbps ethernet.
Submit info2017-07-15 15:39:10

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