The Power Consumption Database

... user maintained electricity usage data
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OtherNovusJ-1020.67 w2023-05-01
OtherGoogleHome Mini1.40 w1.50 w2020-08-25
OtherBoschS9N1B0.60 w2014-01-15
OtherFestoolSL-KS 603.55 w2022-09-17
OtherUbiquitiUniFi Video Dome UVC-G3-DOME IP CAMERA4.00 w2018-04-19
OtherBissell2052290.00 w0.34 w156.00 w2021-01-24
OtherPanasonicBQ-CC170.33 w0.33 w4.30 w2017-07-13
OtherZes ZimmerLMG-SH020-P0.06 w2023-01-04
148 rows

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