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... user maintained electricity usage data
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OtherPanasonicBL-VP1011.60 w2015-08-20
OtherNova FitnessSDS0112.40 w2020-12-08
OtherGudeEPC-8226-12.60 w2.37 w3.17 w2017-10-12
OtherSonoffTH100.30 w0.80 w2018-10-25
OtherOomaTelo4.10 w3.90 w5.00 w2016-08-03
OtherAmazonEcho 2nd Generation4.00 w7.00 w2022-01-14
OtherBoschS9N1B0.60 w2014-01-15
OtherEatonDilmp125(rac240)2.32 w2020-11-16
OtherPanasonicBQ-CC170.33 w0.33 w4.30 w2017-07-13
OtherZes ZimmerLMG-SH020-P0.06 w2023-01-04
OtherJiangyin Baohong Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.BHIRH-250A0.23 w0.60 w2017-07-27
OtherPhilipsPhilips Citrus Press HR 273713.60 w13.60 w2018-08-28
OtherUbiquitiUniFi AP AC LR3.60 w2.80 w4.70 w2016-06-29
OtherSupermicroPWS-351-1H3.10 w2013-08-01
OtherEatonDilmp125(rac240)2.38 w2019-09-15
OtherCitelMSB6-4000.31 w2022-01-24
OtherWagoTobjob S 2006-16710.32 w2020-04-03
OtherGrundfosUPS 32-60 (1)35.00 w2022-09-14
OtherUbiquitiUnifi UXG-Max3.85 w2024-04-10
OtherIskraIKA232-200.88 w2020-11-16
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