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... user maintained electricity usage data
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ComputersAppleMac Mini (2011) 2.3 GHz i511.00 w85.00
ComputersAppleMac Mini (2010) 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo Server11.00 w85.00
ComputersAsrockDeskMini 11011.20 w0.40 w55.00 wtechnikaffe.de2016-12-01
ComputersIntelDC3217IYE11.40 w1.95 w23.20
ComputersAppleMac mini (Late 2018) 230v11.50 w1.19 w150.00 wapple.com2019-06-22
ComputersIntelDC3217BY11.55 w1.25 w13.50 w2013-12-16
ComputersIntelDQ77KB + Core i5-3570K11.60 w99.60 wextremetech.com2013-12-04
ComputersAsrockH81 Pro BTC + G182011.60 w2014-09-07
ComputersIntelDC3217BY11.75 w1.25 w12.70 w2013-12-16
ComputersZotacZBOX CI545 nano11.80 w0.80 w36.60 wtechnikaffe.de2016-12-01
ComputersAppleMacBook Pro (2012), 13" (MD101, MD102)12.00 w0.31 w60.00
ComputersAppleMac Mini (2011) 2 GHz i7 Server12.00 w85.00
ComputersMSIN3150I ECO12.10 w1.05 w30.00 w2016-06-03
ComputersMSIB85M Eco12.30 wheise.de2014-11-19
ComputersAsusH81M-A 090912.40 w20.40 w2014-10-05
ComputersAppleMacBook Pro (2015), 15", Retina (MJLQ2, MJLT2)12.70 w0.30 w85.00
ComputersMSIN3150I ECO12.70 w1.05 w30.00 w2016-06-03
ComputersVIAARTiGO A110012.84 w20.72
ComputersApple500 GB Mac Mini (MC815*/A)13.00 w1.16 wen.wikipedia.org2013-11-27
ComputersMSIH81M-P33 V1.413.00 w21.20 w2014-10-05
254 rows

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