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TVs - LCDSonyKDL-26S550070.00 w0.21 2010-02-13
TVs - LCDSonyKDL-32EX50071.00 w0.20 w71.00
TVs - LCDSony32PFL560571.00 w0.15
TVs - LCDSonyKDL32EX30273.00 w0.19 w2010-02-26
TVs - LCDSonyKDL-32V581073.60 w0.20
Game ConsolesSonyPS3 Slim (120GB)75.00 w1.00 w100.00 wengadget.com2010-02-14
Game ConsolesSonyPS3 Slim (120GB)75.10 w0.36 w96.24 wnews.cnet.com2010-02-14
Game ConsolesSonyPS480.00 w140.00 weurogamer.net2013-11-15
TVs - LEDSonyKDL-32EX60085.00 w2010-03-07
TVs - LEDSonyKDL-46EX71086.00 w0.20 w2011-08-20
TVs - LCDSonyKDL-32V550086.00 w0.13 2010-02-13
Game ConsolesSonyPS488.00 w8.40 w137.00 wnrdc.org2016-09-04
TVs - LCDSonyKDL-32V550090.00 w0.10
Game ConsolesSonyPS3 Slim (120GB)90.00 w0.40 2011-03-02
Game ConsolesSonyPS490.00 w10.00 w140.00 warstechnica.com2013-11-15
TVs - LEDSonyKDL-32EX70091.00 w2010-03-07
TVs - LCDSony46PFL9705H/12100.00 w0.15
TVs - LCDSonyKDL-32P3550102.00 w0.16 2010-02-13
TVs - LCDSonyKDL-40W5810108.90 w0.20
TVs - LCDSonyKDL-32M4000112.94 wreviews.cnet.com2010-02-13
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