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WIFI RoutersRuckuszf79625.80 w2015-11-06
ComputersRaspberry PiZero W0.60 w0.80 w2018-04-18
ComputersZotacZBOX nano CI5217.00 w0.80 w20.50 wtechnikaffe.de2016-12-01
ComputersZotacZBOX CI545 nano11.80 w0.80 w36.60 wtechnikaffe.de2016-12-01
ComputersZotacZBOX CI540 nano7.63 w24.13 wanandtech.com2015-06-11
ComputersZotacZbox CI320 Nano8.23 w19.33 wanandtech.com2015-06-11
ComputersZotacZbox CI320 Nano8.30 w0.40 w21.00 w2014-11-19
ComputersASRockZ87E-ITX + i7-4765T25.94 w1.38 w85.68 wanandtech.com2013-12-04
OtherLogitechZ-230017.30 w4.20 w2014-02-21
UPSOnline USB SystemeYunto Q4504.20 wheise.de2016-10-29
Adapter/ChargerDongguan City Yingju Electronics Co. Ltd.YJS05-2003000D0.30 w2018-08-24
Adapter/ChargerJin Xin Yu Power (Shenzen) Supply Co LtdXVE-1680150 | XVE-1681500.39 w0.39 w28.00 w2020-12-09
Robot vacuum cleanerNeatoXV-154.50 w54.00 w2013-02-25
Adapter/ChargerJunhe pumpsXH1350-0400WG0.16 w2022-12-29
Adapter/ChargerJunhe pumpsXH1350-0400WG0.15 w2022-12-29
Game ConsolesMicrosoftXbox Series X153.00 w13.00 w153.00
Game ConsolesMicrosoftXbox Series S74.00 w10.00 w74.00
Game ConsolesMicrosoftXbox One X56.00 w172.00 wanandtech.com2019-12-16
Game ConsolesMicrosoftXbox One S11.00 w58.00 wyoutube.com2019-12-16
Game ConsolesMicrosoftXbox one72.00 w15.70 w112.00 wnrdc.org2016-09-04
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