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... user maintained electricity usage data
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Digital TV RecordersTVonicsDTR-Z50013.60 w2.50
Digital TV RecordersTopfieldTF5810PVRt23.60 w15.77
Digital TV RecordersThomsonDTI6021-2514.00 w14.20
Digital TV RecordersThomsenDTH8677E32.60 w1.50 2011-02-26
Digital TV RecordersTechnikaSS09320DTR16.20 w15.50
Digital TV RecordersSonyRDR-HX75025.90 w2.20 2011-02-26
Digital TV RecordersSonyRDR-HXD89023.20 w3.50
Digital TV RecordersSky+homson 16024.00 w12.30
Digital TV RecordersSky+HD Thomson35.50 w18.50
Digital TV RecordersSharpTU-TV322H15.96 w15.30
Digital TV RecordersSamsungDVD-SH897M XEU19.50 w0.80
Digital TV RecordersSamsungDVD_HR75326.00 w2.90 2011-02-26
Digital TV RecordersSamsungDVD-HR75527.40 w2.90 2011-02-26
Digital TV RecordersSamsungDVD-HR75025.30 w2.80 2011-02-26
Digital TV RecordersPioneerDVR-LX6027.00 w2.60 2011-02-26
Digital TV RecordersPioneerDVR-55OH-S26.40 w2.60 2011-02-26
Digital TV RecordersPhilipsDVDR357OH26.30 w7.40 2011-02-26
Digital TV RecordersPhilipsDTR 7510/0518.10 w11.80
Digital TV RecordersPanasonicDMR-EH5723.00 w2.10 2011-02-26
Digital TV RecordersPanasonicDMR-EX768EB-K19.90 w1.60
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