The Power Consumption Database

... user maintained electricity usage data
Game ConsolesNintendoWii13.50 w1.30
Game ConsolesNintendoWii18.00 w1.50
Game ConsolesSonyPlaystation 2 (slim)23.00 w1.20
Game ConsolesNintendoGameCube23.00 w0.10
Game ConsolesSonyPlaystation 2 (slim)25.00 w7.00
Game ConsolesSonyPlaystation 232.00 w2.70
Game ConsolesNintendoWii U32.00 w0.40
Game ConsolesMicrosoftXbox 360 S (250 GB)67.00
Game ConsolesMicrosoftXbox 360 S (250 GB)70.00
Game ConsolesSonyPS3 Slim (120GB)75.00 w1.00
Game ConsolesSonyPS3 Slim (120GB)75.10 w0.36
Game ConsolesSonyPS480.00
Game ConsolesSonyPS3 Slim (120GB)90.00 w0.40
Game ConsolesSonyPS490.00 w10.00
Game ConsolesSonyPlayStation 3139.00 w1.80
Game ConsolesMicrosoftXbox 360157.00 w2.50
Game ConsolesSony60GB PS3 Classic162.00 w2.00
Game ConsolesMicrosoftXbox 360164.00 w2.40
Game ConsolesSonyPS3 60G First Gen171.00 w1.22
19 rows

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