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ComputersAcerv3-572 Laptop18.50 w5.90 w24.60 w2020-01-23
ComputersAcerAspire X1700-U3700A70.90 w95.60 wreviews.cnet.com2010-02-14
ComputersAdventAdvent Eco PC24.00 w50.00
ComputersAleutiaD1 Mini Atom PC19.00 w23.00 waleutia.com2010-03-07
ComputersAleutiaT1 Fanless PC10.00 w14.00
ComputersAleutiaH2 Quad Core PC40.00 w80.00 waleutia.com2010-03-07
ComputersAleutiaU6 Userful PC80.00 w110.00 waleutia.com2010-03-07
ComputersAleutiaP1 Marine PC26.00 w30.00 waleutia.com2010-03-06
ComputersAlienware17 inch r4 2017140.00 w240.00 w2018-08-20
ComputersAlienwareX51 R2 Desktop Gaming System44.00 w211.00 wlegitreviews.com2013-11-22
ComputersAppleMac Pro (2010), 2.66GHz 12-Core145.00 w288.00
ComputersAppleMacBook Pro (2012), 13" (MD101, MD102)12.00 w0.31 w60.00
ComputersAppleiMac (2013), 27", 3.4GHz i778.00 w229.00
ComputersAppleiMac (2013), 27" (ME088, ME089)79.10 w0.24
ComputersAppleiMac (2011), 27", 3.4GHz i7142.00 w200.00
ComputersAppleiMac (2009), 24", 2.93GHz Core 2 Duo116.40 w192.20
ComputersAppleMac Mini (2009) 2.26 GHz or 2.53 GHz14.00 w110.00
ComputersAppleiMac (2017), 21.5", 2.3 GHz i533.00 w74.00
ComputersAppleMac Mini MA206LL/A19.00 w1.20 w41.00 w2010-02-14
ComputersAppleMD711D/B6.60 w25.90 w2014-10-05
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